Pricasso and Viagra. The “Penis-Art” Conquers The World

Viagra in Australia

What do you know about Viagra? Do you still think that this medication is just the necessary tool for the successful sex? If your answer is “Yes”, then we are glad to introduce you the very famous artist Pricasso, who can not imagine his life without this preparation. The point is that Timothy James Francis Patch, better known as Tim Patch or Pricasso, is an Australian artist famous for drawing with his penis, scrotum and buttocks. His nickname “Pricasso” is a combination of the names of Picasso and the slang word "prick", which means penis. Timothy studied at the Portsmouth College of Art and the Royal Academy of Arts, but never received any degrees in the field of Fine Arts. Timothy also attended courses on furniture design then after, he worked as a cabinetmaker and builder. In 1977, Timothy moved to Australia, where he exhibited his carved woodworks in local galleries. But such way of life seemed to be boring for him, that’s why the artist decided to try something new.

In 2002, Patch began to work in an art gallery, combining it with the work of a portrait artist, drawing cartoons for fun in the shopping centers of Queensland. Three years later (in 2005), Timothy realized that there was a great way in becoming popular. He declared himself the founder of a new style in painting, and drew pictures without using a brush, or a palette, or other auxiliary items. The only tool he used during panting was his...penis. Yes-yes, he used it instead of a brush and was very proud of it. But most of the people wonder how it’s possible to draw with one’s penis. Timothy gladly reveals this secret. The integral part of his art is Viagra, as it can provide the necessary firmness of the phallus. The medicine dilates the blood vessels of the penis during sexual arousal. As a result, blood circulation in the penis increases, and this, in turn, contributes to the onset of a stable erection. It provides long-term result and gives the artist the necessary opportunity to create his masterpieces. Tim Patch calls this direction in painting – a "penis-art." Many established artists have commented on the speed, accuracy and the unique way Pricasso can paint. 

It turns out that the former builder lived for a long time in obscurity, drawing fast portraits on the market: "Once I told my girlfriend that I could draw her with my penis -- and she was completely delighted with that idea”. After successful experiments on friends and acquaintances, Patch began to send pictures to different galleries, but the popularity did not come to the artist for a long time, until one day the sponsors of erotic exhibition Sexpo took his work to the exposition. The artist says that he is much more willing to paint female portraits and nudes, and only then – politicians, movie stars, and even landscapes. The reason for this is very obvious, as Viagra works only in the presence of a sexual stimulation. Sexual arousal provides the release of nitric oxide and relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis. Along with this, there is an increase in blood circulation. Blood begins to move faster on the arteries, improving the work of the whole organism. It is absorbed in large quantities by the cavernous bodies. As the result, it leads to the emergence of a powerful erection.

By Pricasso staining his penis in paint and hauling it along the canvas, one could be indignant that the artist is not using his childbearing organ for its intended purpose -- but if you look at this process from another perspective you may see it as Pricasso “giving birth” to his masterpieces. Tim says: “I feel like all these pictures are my real children. Every day I look at them and try to make them better. Everything inspires me to do my work as good as it possible, but only my magic pills (Viagra) practically help me to fulfill all my dreams and intentions”.

A lot of people wonder if it is possible to consider the creativity of Pricasso as real art which leads to many more questions about this creativity. For example, what prompted the author to take not a brush, but his own penis? Does this attitude to the reproductive organs affect his health and "male power"? The artist admitted that as for “male power”, everything is ok. He maintains a great erection when it is needed. But it’s not a secret that also the same firm hard erection is important for him when he draws his pictures. For this purpose Pricasso uses Viagra which helps to achieve the necessary “hard brush” only in 15 minutes. And he recommends this medicine for all the men who want to surprise their beloved partners in the bed. If you are also interested in the medicine that can improve your potency then our online pharmacy is right for you! Only here, you can buy Viagra Australia for the lowest price.